Worship the Creator God, Not the Created Things

Bo May had been a Buddhist all her life, living in a remote village in an undisclosed location. She had attempted to follow the rituals of Buddhism earnestly, with its prayers, incantations and the earning of merits. Once, she had even taken a vow of silence, which involved not speaking for one month out of each year. She did this for five years.

Then came the day when some friends brought her along to visit Janie, who was a Christian living in India. At first, Bo May could not understand anything being said, because her friends and the Christians were speaking in an unfamiliar language (English). So she sat and conducted her prayers for Buddha while they spoke. After some time, Janie noticed that Bo May was left out of the conversation and began explaining to her (in her language) about the true God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Bo May did not understand this strange new religion, so Janie said, “Here, listen to this,” and handed her one of the Godpods AWR had provided. The recordings were in a language that Bo May understood, and she began to listen intently. 

Bo May and her friends stayed with Janie for several days. As time passed, they noticed that Bo May was no longer conducting her Buddhist prayers and incantations, and instead was listening to Spirit-filled truth. 

During the time at Janie’s, the group discovered it was Bo May’s 60th birthday. So they gave Bo May her first-ever birthday cake and she had a wonderful time.

Finally, before it was time to leave, Bo May shared that she was not sure she could return to her distant village and be a Christian there. It was already evident that she had been remarkably changed by listening to this little device, but to go back and tell her family that she was a Christian was another story. There were no Christians in her village. If she went back as a Christian, her family might disown her. Then who would care for her in her old age? So she confessed to Janie, “I do not know if I can do this.”

Some of Janie’s Christian friends were departing that day, but said they would pray that God would reveal Himself to Bo May. That night, Bo May had a dream. In her dream, a man appeared to her in white clothing. She understood this to be Jesus. 

He said to her, “You have been worshipping a god, but until today, you did not know which God to worship. You have been very kind to animals, and you have been chanting and worshipping your ancestors, believing in rebirth. You must worship the Creator God, not the created things. You must go back to your village and share this message with your family and relatives. Some will listen, but it will take time.” 

In the morning, she awakened and began to listen to the Godpod again. Then, amazingly, she heard the same words that had been related to her in her dream. “Worship the Creator, not the created things.”

Now, she knew this was truth and she needed to follow it. Bo May left Janie’s home and returned to her remote village. Janie was able to stay in contact with her by phone for some time, and Bo May shared that she was suffering persecution for taking her stand for Christ. Then all communication ceased, and Janie was not able to go and visit the village. Please pray for Bo May and the many others around the world who have chosen to follow their Creator.

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