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Training Tools for the Maasai

AWR continues to allocate special project funding for distributing MegaVoice Ambassadors and Envoys, the solar audio players which are pre-loaded with AWR recordings in selected languages. Over the past several years, we have delivered the players to countries such as Nepal, Mexico, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and more.

In places where people cannot receive an AWR radio signal or are too poor to afford their own radios or batteries, these players fill in the gap and enable listeners to hear the voice of hope in their own language. Church workers have devised ways of using the players that best fit their local needs, and we are always interested to receive their reports, such as the following account from Tanzania.

I would like to thank AWR for the Ambassadors we have received. As you know, we have been working in an unentered Maasai area in Tanzania. Our goal is planting new churches and training Maasai people to become elders and leaders of the new churches. We hope that within a few years the Longido area can become a center of Maasai mission.

We continue working at six places we started in last year, and we opened three new church plants this year. The people in these villages are illiterate and very poor. There is now a local Adventist Maasai pastor there.

God has blessed the ministry of our group very much. We struggled with reaching the Maasai men, but this year God blessed our efforts. We invited the elders from most of the villages to eat with us and discuss the issues and needs in their villages. We developed a very good friendship with these people.

In one picture, you can see the chief of Ordorko receiving an Ambassador and getting an introduction in how to use it. We have focused more on men with our ministry, because if we reach them, we will also reach the women and children.

We have given Ambassadors to people in the following places: Ordorko, Orendege, Darajani, Mondarara, Kimokoa, Orbomba, Karao, and Mairua.

Usually, we gave the Ambassadors to baptismal candidates, because there is limited opportunity for Bible studies and follow-up. In the second picture, you can see a group of people in Darajani who have decided to be baptized. They received Ambassadors in order to make their Bible study possible.

I requested the men especially to become leaders of the church: whatever they hear on the Ambassador, they should teach to the congregation. God wants them to become elders of the church, but for that ministry they need to be educated in Bible knowledge.

They were very happy about the Ambassadors, because this is the only way for them to listen to the Bible. No books, no pastor can help them after we leave. But the Ambassadors are preaching and caring for these people.

We also hired two lay evangelists to work in this area. Their work is visiting people, organizing worship services, and caring for the children. They are working very well, but they are not able to care for everybody personally because of travel challenges, financial matters, and so on.

If we could receive support from AWR, we would record even more topics in high quality, in order for these devices to work even better. Also, the book Desire of Ages would be interesting for them, I think, because they could get to know the life and work of Jesus very well.

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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