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Luis Miguel’s parents were dedicated evangelical missionaries in Mexico, but growing up, he wanted no part of his parents’ religion. He had dreams to pursue that didn’t include God.

Then his mother was diagnosed with cancer, and before Luis Miguel realized what was happening, she passed away. He was devastated, and now all he wanted to do was return to the God of his parents and share his newfound faith with others.

Then one day, he got a text from a friend that contained a biblical message. It was none other than one of AWR’s cell phone evangelism presentations, and it was on the state of the dead. Luis Miguel was blown away! He’d never heard such a thing—and it was right in the Bible!

Watch the video below and learn how God led Luis from evangelical preacher to AWR evangelist. “My only regret,” he says, “is that my mom didn’t get to see the change in me—but one day soon she will!”

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