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It was almost three years ago when we first received news that a village high in the mountains of Mindoro, Philippines, had been listening to Adventist World Radio, and they all wanted to be baptized.

We were amazed. They had no Adventist contact except through the radio!

But it was just the beginning. One by one, village after village began contacting our radio station wanting to join the Adventist Church. Today, more than 150 villages are Seventh-day Adventist, where three years ago there were none! Chief Perfecto was one of our first contacts. He set out to prove his village wrong when he heard on the radio the truth about the Sabbath.

Friend, it is no longer business as usual. Jesus is coming soon! Amid the news that makes hearts “faint from fear and anxiety for the things that are coming on the earth,” we have the promise of the Holy Spirit—the refreshing latter rain that even now is being felt around the world. May it transform our hearts so that the world can be lighted with the knowledge of truth and Jesus can come to take us home!

Yours in the Blessed Hope,
Duane McKey | AWR President

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