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Something unprecedented is happening right now on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. In the next few days, more than 100 communist rebels and their families will come out from their hiding places in the jungle mountains to start a new life with Jesus.

Adventist World Radio has been working with the Philippine government to negotiate their surrender. They will walk straight into an Adventist church where AWR will be waiting to welcome them, along with the Philippine military and the major news networks from across the country. It will be a historic event!

These dear people will remain on the church grounds for a week while they receive counseling, training, and the tools necessary to begin a new life—including funds and an acre of land! The best part is that every night, AWR will hold evangelistic meetings and the military will attend along with these former rebels and their families. I can’t wait to see what God will do next!

This is the story of Tarin, one of these former rebels, and his journey from assassin to a follower of Jesus. God is reaching these hardened men even in the most remote mountain jungles—and He’s using Adventist World Radio to do it!

—Duane McKey, President


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