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Barbie and her husband Dries are Dutch farmers in Kashira village, Namibia, sharing communal land with the local villagers. Barbie began receiving evangelistic sermons on her cell phone from her friend Elize, and each night after work, she and her husband listened to the presentations.

When they heard the truth about the Sabbath, they had to share it with the villagers, who agreed that if the Sabbath is the day of rest, then they should worship on it! They wanted to know more, and as each truth was presented, they received it with open hearts. Soon, the whole village accepted the Adventist message!

Barbie and Dries decided to build a church, and thanks to your support last year, the church was built. Then, through an AWR gift catalog project, supporters in America donated Bibles for every new Adventist family in the village. Their happiness knew no bounds! But there was still another surprise.

One Friday afternoon, Barbie received a visit from Ouppa, the chief of another village. For 20 years, he had known the truth about the Sabbath and thought he was alone in his belief—until he heard about Barbie and her church! He had a request: could his village join them on Sabbaths to worship together?

God leads in the most unexpected ways when we put forth the effort to share the gospel with others—and He does it from broadcast to baptism!

—Duane McKey, President

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