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This is a Good News Episode! There’s so much bad news out there that sometimes we fail to see what God is doing around the world—and some of it is pretty amazing!

Below is a short video in which I share the good news of the incredible doors opening for Adventist World Radio right now. We are seeing miracle after miracle in places never before reached with the gospel message.

Let me share just a couple highlights:

· The largest brothel in the world is an actual city in Bangladesh. God has opened a door to secretly distribute more than 2,000 Godpods with not only the gospel and health message, but much more! Find out how we’re doing it!

· AWR is opening evangelism centers in places that seemed impossible just a few years ago. Five of them will be in Bangladesh. Another center is already opening in Nazareth, and one is in none other than Iraq! Then there’s Bhutan, Sikkim and Thailand.

Nothing is impossible with God! He’s working in the hearts of sincere people everywhere, and we love it when He uses Adventist World Radio to do it!


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