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In just a few weeks, we will begin PNG for Christ, a major evangelistic series in Papua New Guinea with more than 3,000 preaching sites throughout the country. It’s an event that is long overdue, yet it’s right on time.

Why do I say this? Because sometimes our timing is not God’s timing, and His plans are much bigger than ours. This event was supposed to take place in 2020, but just as excitement was building for a great harvest, the world shut down due to the pandemic.

How could God allow this after all the hard work? We had no way of knowing what was coming, nor how the delay would cause an unprecedented awakening in PNG. I can’t wait to share with you what God will do this year, because sometimes a setback is really God’s setup for a better comeback!

Watch this short video with a few highlights from another amazing event we just finished in Rwanda—a country that is also seeing a spiritual awakening. They’re on track to double their membership in the next two years!

We love to see lives changed for God’s kingdom, and we especially love it when God uses Adventist World Radio to do it!

Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Duane McKey

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