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It was dark as we bounced and bumped along the potholed road to an out-of-the-way lodge near Livingstone, Zambia. We had tried to book a hotel in the city, but there were no vacancies due to a government convention. When we finally found a room in a lodge outside the city, we’d jumped on it, no questions asked.

Now we were regretting our decision. We had flown to Livingstone to meet with union leaders and pastors to plan one of the largest evangelistic events ever held in Zambia. Surely, the devil wasn’t happy and was trying to prevent it.

But what we didn’t know is that God had a plan all along, because in that lodge in the middle of nowhere, we found the one person who made it possible for Adventist World Radio to begin its cell phone evangelism project four years ago. Today, millions around the world are listening to truth-filled messages on their cell phones. It was an outcome no one could have predicted, but God’s providence ordained it.

Watch this video and be inspired!

Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Duane McKey

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