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We have often heard of parents praying for their wayward children, and maybe you’ve prayed one of those prayers yourself. But it’s rare when we hear of children praying for their wayward parents to return to God.

That’s exactly what happened in the story below. Julian had been born in a Christian home, but the burdens of life had swept him away into a downward spiral of sin and degradation.

His young daughter watched her father’s descent, and she longed to see him give his heart to Jesus. For several years, she prayed for him, until the day she discovered AWR’s cell phone evangelism program. Right away, she knew that could be the key to help him turn his life around.

To her great joy, the very first training seminar was held in her own hometown, and she was one of the first to sign up!

Soon, she was sharing the Bible series with a growing number of listeners. But she was most interested to find out if her father was listening. All during this time, she kept praying for him. Then, Julian learned he had cancer. It was then, as he contemplated his life, that he received a text from his daughter.

Watch this video to see what happened next! God is constantly working on our behalf, and He honors the prayers of His children. But I especially love it when He uses Adventist World Radio to do it!

Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Duane McKey


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