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Pastor “L” was raised in a Charismatic family in India. Being the 10th child, his parents dedicated him to God as a special tithe.

True to their promise, they guided his steps into the ministry, and by the year 2000, he was a full-time minister and a leader in his denomination. Pastor “L” was greatly respected as a speaker and evangelist in more than 400 Charismatic churches!

Everything changed the day he listened to a sermon on the Sabbath. Deeply moved and convicted, he decided to take a stand for the truth. His family and his church disowned him, but peace and joy filled his heart. Soon, he had joined the Adventist Church and his only desire was to share his newfound faith with others—and especially with his Charismatic brothers and sisters. Nothing could stop him, not even when the enemy struck him down with a paralyzing stroke. He recovered and his faith only grew stronger.

Watch this video for the conclusion of Pastor “L’s” story, which is not a conclusion at all—because you can’t keep God’s children down! Today, his influence is greater than ever, and it’s a joy for us at Adventist World Radio to work with Pastor “L” as he proclaims throughout India that Jesus is coming soon!

—Duane McKey, President

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