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Have you ever dreamed of meeting someone you’ve admired from afar for many years?
Armand from Madagascar had this opportunity. But it wasn’t a celebrity you or I might expect. It was one of our AWR broadcasters!

For 20 years, Armand listened to Adventist World Radio. The Bible presentations led him and his family to Jesus and the Adventist Church. In fact, Armand loved AWR so much that he named one of his children after the speaker!

Then one day his dream came true when he heard—in person—the familiar voice that had guided his family for so long. He said, “Some people think a Seventh-day Adventist came to teach us in person, but everything we learned, we learned from the radio.”

What a powerful testimony! Watch Armand’s incredible journey in this video —and be inspired!
Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Duane McKey

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