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Born to a powerful Muslim family, he was stoned repeatedly for his faith and eventually returned to Nazareth as an Adventist pastor.
Alone as the only Arabic-speaking pastor in all of Israel and the Palestinian West Bank, God has been blessing Wisam in astounding ways.
When Wisam was attacked and stabbed with a butcher knife, it bent uselessly in his aggressor’s hands. The threats and curses aimed at Wisam became his enemies’ own death warrants, and Wisam’s influence has grown far and wide.
Watch this amazing video and learn how Wisam has recently led an Arab Baptist congregation to accept the Sabbath truth and join the Adventist Church!
There is no greater calling than leading others to Jesus, and there is no greater joy than helping people like Wisam as he reaches difficult people groups with the gospel message.
Thank you for making such a significant difference.

—Duane McKey, President

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