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You’ve heard the story of Mindoro, Philippines, and how God’s truth through the airwaves ended the guerilla warfare that had terrorized the island for more than 40 years.

Many miracles and stories of lives changed have emerged from this experience, but there are still many more we haven’t shared. The story of Mayor Cesar Betico is one of them.

Cesar faced many problems as mayor of Rosario, and listening to the radio afforded him a break from all his worries. One day, he found out that a series of meetings would be held in the city and transmitted by radio. This piqued his interest, and he listened to the presentations. He especially loved the music and sang along with some of his favorite songs.

The meetings were part of Adventist World Radio’s Mindoro project, so when Cesar learned that another event was planned, and his favorite singers would be there, he decided to attend.

Not only did he attend, but he gave his heart to Jesus and made a decision for baptism! His wife and children hadn’t attended the meetings with him, so he was baptized alone. Then the pandemic came along, and everyone had to stay home. Cesar decided to tune his radio to AWR and turn up the volume. Now the whole family had no choice but to listen! Soon, they too had made their decision for baptism.

But the story doesn’t end there, because not only were Cesar and his family baptized, but you will never guess what happened next. Cesar decided he would join AWR’s Christ for Europe evangelistic event and hold his own series. Incredibly, a door opened for him to preach in Paris—something he would never have dreamed of!

Watch this video for the rest of the story and be inspired. We love to see God work miracles in people’s lives and hearts—and we love it when He uses Adventist World Radio to do it!

Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Duane McKey


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