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Gilbert had been searching for justice his whole life, fighting and killing to get it. But despite his efforts, he’d never found it.

He was a leader in the New People’s Army on the island of Mindoro, Philippines, and together with Martin, the supreme leader, they were unstoppable, feared by everyone.

Then one day, Gilbert began hearing talk among his men about a new radio program. What caught his attention was that this program spoke of God and forgiveness, and it also mentioned a government amnesty program.

Gilbert didn’t understand forgiveness and found it hard to believe. But one day, while visiting his family, he decided to listen to the program and was astonished by what he heard. Could it be that he’d been wrong all these years, and what he’d always believed was a lie?

Then to his utter shock, when he returned to the jungle mountains, he heard that Martin, whom he greatly admired, had decided to accept Jesus and agree to the government amnesty pardon—and was calling on all his men to do the same!

Watch this brand-new video, where Cami shares Gilbert’s inspiring story and his amazing journey from assassin to follower of Jesus. It still amazes me to think about how God used our AWR broadcasts to end a 50-year war on the island and change not only the New People’s Army, but deeply impact the lives of the government soldiers who witnessed the army’s transformation.

I love to see lives changed by the power of God—and I especially love it when He uses Adventist World Radio to do it!

Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Duane McKey

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