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Once in a while, we like to feature one of our faithful Adventist World Radio supporters. I’ve noticed you all share one thing in common: You’re all looking forward to the soon coming of Jesus!

One such supporter is Doreen, and her story is so special I just have to share it with you. Through the years, she and her husband, Richard, had traveled to many countries and accumulated a substantial amount of beautiful artifacts and collectibles they displayed throughout the house.

The day came when Doreen, now older and widowed, felt those things could be put to better use to advance God’s kingdom. So she contacted AWR to help her sell them. What followed is such an interesting story that we personally interviewed Doreen to record her testimony.

“To think those things that were sitting on a shelf in my home have brought people to Christ fills me with joy,” she said.

What a wonderful spirit! I love it when God uses you and me—and Adventist World Radio—to reach others for Jesus!

Watch this video and be inspired.

Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Duane McKey


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