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Luis had no desire to follow the God of his parents, even despite his mother’s prayers and pleas. So like the prodigal son, he left to pursue his dreams.

Then tragedy struck. “I was so enamored with the things of the world that I didn’t notice my mother’s failing health until it was too late.”

When she died of cancer, he was devastated. No one had loved him like she had. In the midst of his sorrow and despair, he made the decision that changed his life forever.

This past week, we’ve been bombarded by scenes of devastation and suffering as the world teeters on the brink of disaster. But we have also witnessed incredible acts of heroism and kindness.

It is often when faced with winter that the evergreen can be seen, and it is often in the midst of suffering when God’s light shines the brightest.

Watch Luis Miguel’s inspiring story, and let’s join in praying that God’s light will shine like a beacon of hope in the darkest places of the world—and may He continue to use Adventist World Radio to do it!

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